Oregon Community Bank matches up to $10,000 for Madison girl’s virtual lemonade stand

The story that keeps getting sweeter

MADISON, Wis. — The story of the virtual lemonade stand fundraiser that a 7-year-old Madison girl started just keeps getting sweeter.

Chef Dave Heide posted on Facebook that Morgan Marsh-McGlone’s lemonade stand has not only surpassed her original goal of $90, but it has also caught the attention of the Oregon Community Bank. Heidi said the bank is going to match up to $10,000 for every dollar she makes.

“That means that this amazing girl, who had an original goal of just $90 now has the potential to raise over $20,000.00 to feed kids in our community!” Heidi wrote on Facebook. “Thank you Morgan for having such an amazing heart. Thank you Steve and Oregon Community Bank for always being such pillars in the community for support! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this cause so far!”

Marsh-McGlone is raising money for Heide’s restaurant Little John’s, a pay-what-you-can restaurant that takes excess food from grocery stores and turns it into affordable, chef-quality meals. Heide has been working with Reach Dane by making and delivering meals to more 3,800 kids per week.


Marsh-McGlone had originally set a $90 goal with a donor who was going to match that $90. The fundraiser has now raised more than $4,500 and Marsh-McGlone has offered more incentives along the way when she can finally host a real lemonade stand. So far, Marsh-McGlone will be providing lemonade, cookies, a puppy to pet, and a live cello performance.

Heide also stepped in and said Marsh-McGlone can host the lemonade stand outside his restaurant Liliana’s, where he will teach Marsh-McGlone how to make the lemonade and cookies and provide all of the items for her to give out.

“My heart is full, but not as full as these kids tummies are going to be when we get the funding for the next six weeks,” Heide said.