Oregon Church offers prayers for Ukrainian people

OREGON, Wis. – A church in Oregon with ties to a sister church in Ukraine brought its members together to offer prayers for those most affected by violence since Putin’s invasion.

Faith Lutheran Church Pastor Jeff Hendrix said the goal of the event was to give those in his congregation wanting to support Ukraine but not knowing how an outlet.

“What a lot of people have been doing is just doom scrolling on Facebook constantly and so we wanted to do something more productive,” Hendrix said.

The event was also an opportunity for church members to gain a better understanding of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, learning from those who spent decades in Ukraine.

Nicholas and Kerry Laper, speakers at the event, spent the last 20 years in Ukraine doing missionary work and said in that time they grew to love the country and its people.

“It’s absolutely devastating,” said Nicholas. “It’s unreal.”

The Lapers spent the majority of their time in Ukraine traveling the country in an RV, fully equipped to offer preventative medical and dental care.

At the time of the invasion, the Lapers were on vacation in Egypt but had plans to return to Ukraine when the no-fly zone was established.

Unable to return they’re still trying to find ways to help, and they’re looking to their church community for help gathering funds for food, water and medical supplies for the people of Ukraine.