Oregon celebrates Pride month with community event

OREGON, Wis. — The second annual “Stand Up and Lean In” event filled the town of Oregon with rainbows- no umbrellas required.

The Oregon Allies, a local social justice group, put the June 5 event together with pride month in mind. Speakers shared their experiences, including members of Oregon High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance – the first of its kind for a Wisconsin High School.

Allies member Coral Goplin said that people need to advocate for LGBTQIA+ equality beyond pride month.

“Our role as allies throughout the rest of the year is making sure that we respect people’s pronouns, that we are respectful of their gender identities, and also that we have inclusive curriculums for our schools so that every child is able to see their own family reflected in the workbooks and the worksheets that they do,” Goplin said.

GSAFE, a Madison-based LGBTQIA+ k-12 organization involved in today’s event, is currently taking donations. For more information, you can visit their website.