Oregon area community steps forward to build new food pantry

New food pantry will be four times larger

Within a month, crews will begin to construct a new 4,232-square-foot food pantry to serve communities in the Oregon School District.

It will replace a 1,200 square foot storage space the Oregon Area Food Pantry has outgrown.

The pantry serves, on average, 100 families every month.

“It is so crowded you can hardly walk through, but we keep the line moving,” said Kelly Kornaus, one of the food pantry coordinators.

To answer the need for a larger facility the Oregon Community Resource Network raised approximately $750,000 in donations from the community to build a new food pantry.

“You know this community has a history of, when there is a need, stepping up and providing support to their neighbors, and helping in a very generous way,” said Tom Kirchdoerfer, chairman of the Oregon Area Food Pantry.

The last piece needed to build the new food pantry was the land to put it on. The congregation of the People’s United Methodist Church stepped forward, offering land adjacent to their church. The congregation voted unanimously to lease the land to the food pantry for $1 a year.

“A key part of our mission is making a positive difference in the community. We believe that God works through us to care for people, and this church, with this vote, affirmed they were not only open, but motivated to do that,” said Jason Mahnke, pastor of the church.

Organizers hope construction on the new food pantry will start by the end of April, with a targeted completion by the end of the year.