Order the July Issue: Vegetables take the plate

Plant-based and vegetable-forward dishes have starring roles on menus around town.
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The days of tacking a single obligatory vegetarian or vegan dish to a menu are coming to an end. Today, Madison is seeing a range of veg-focused offerings, from vegetarian sushi rolls to entirely plant-based menus. No longer just for the health conscious, ethical eaters or those with dietary restrictions, these fresh, exciting, vegetable-forward dishes are becoming stars on local menus.

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Some additional July stories include:
Ordinary Everyday Pilots: Piloting an airplane is something most of us will never do in our lifetimes. But of the roughly 609,000 certified pilots in the United States, more than 80% are flying general aviation aircraft. Many are civilians flying for recreation, work or personal travel, or the simple pleasure of floating among the clouds. Here in the Madison area, the aviation community says that if you’ve ever been curious about becoming a pilot, they’d love to take you up in the air.
Edible Adventures: Picking vegetables, bottling wine, dining in the dark­ — these and other hands-on culinary experiences await.
‘A Jewel in the City’s Skyline’: On Monona Terrace’s 25th anniversary, Neil Heinen reflects on the nearly-60-years-in-the-making project that’s encountered as much pushback as it has had influence.
The Flight Brothers: Three engineering siblings launch a company and the home-built airplane of their dreams.
Down at the Diner: Duo expands its local business scale with a new family-friendly restaurant.
Historical Hospitality: Samantha Crownover’s restoration of Brisbane House was a labor of love that focused on both architecture and justice.

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