Only on News 3 Now: Car damaged in chase on Madison’s east side had pregnant woman inside; suspect still wanted

MADISON, Wis. — A driver whose vehicle was totaled when a stolen truck crashed into him and his girlfriend near East Towne Mall on Madison’s east side is now sharing his story.

In a news release, the Sun Prairie Police Department said it received a call about an armed robbery on the city’s northeast side around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday. Two victims reported a suspect with a long gun stole a black Dodge Ram pickup truck and fled the area.

Police saw the truck on Highway 151 heading toward Madison. Officers chased the driver into Madison where the chase ended, but not before the driver crashed into multiple vehicles, including Jesus Gonzalez’s.

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“I’m speechless,” said Gonzalez. “If I wasn’t paying attention, I probably would have had some back problems.”

Gonzalez was driving with his pregnant girlfriend on East Washington Avenue at the time of the chase in the area. The truck at the center of the chase hit the back of Gonzalez’s car.

“I look at my rearview mirror and I see a black Dodge Ram just flying through,” Gonzalez recalled. “I didn’t think much of it first.”

Officers tried to stop the stolen truck as it headed into Madison, but the driver kept going even after hitting a spike strip.

During the pursuit, the driver was involved in three crashes, two of which involved other drivers. After the third crash, the driver ran away from the scene. Officers tried to track the suspect and set up a perimeter but did not find them, the release said.

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Gonzalez and his girlfriend were not hurt. As of Friday, police in Sun Prairie confirmed one person was hurt in one of the three crashes the stolen vehicle was involved in.

“I don’t think it’s fixable,” Gonzalez said of the damage to his vehicle.

He warns that this incident could have happened to anyone.

“Just keep an eye out,” he cautioned.

Sun Prairie police updated News 3 Now Friday afternoon, saying the investigation is still ongoing. They’re searching for a man who was wearing a mask and dark clothing.