Online summer school solutions: qualifying for internet assistance

MADISON – The pandemic forced many classrooms to adapt to online learning. In turn, virtual summer school has become more common. But, that requires internet. If you’re concerned about your student’s access to classes this summer, know that you may be eligible for discounted, or even free, connectivity services.

Spectrum recently launched its Internet 100 program, which provides a modem, in-home wifi, and self-installation for $30 a month. Additionally, the federal Affordable Connectivity Program provides qualifying households with up to $30 a month for broadband service, meaning you could get Spectrum internet for free.

“This is a great program for families to consider, especially if they have students who are wanting to learn remotely in the summer,” said Kim Haas, the senior director for Spectrum’s parent company, Charter Regional Communications. “We know that affordability and adoption are two key issues when it comes to the digital divide.”

To qualify for Spectrum Internet 100, you need to be eligible for the federal Affordable Connectivity Program.
Click or tap here to learn if you’re eligible for the ACP and here to apply for it. If you qualify and are interested in participating in Spectrum 100, contact your local Spectrum office.