Online shopping hurts part sales at Wis. car show

Wisconsin car show draws thousands, but online shopping for antique parts hurts sales in Iola
Online shopping hurts part sales at Wis. car show

Vendors and others say online shopping for antique car parts is hurting participation in old car shows and swap meets.

Hundreds of thousands of people were in Wisconsin last weekend for the 41st annual Iola Old Car Show and Swap Meet.

But many say the swap meet isn’t what it once was.

Dick Knapp is a Ford Model A expert from Arkansas. He said few parts are left for Model A cars, and finding parts for them and other old cars can be like a treasure hunt.

That may be why some people are turning to the convenience of shopping online.

Iola Old Car Show spokesman Mitchell Swenson told Stevens Point Journal Media that online part sales are reducing the number of parts vendors that come to the show.