One owl found, one still missing from Ochsner Park Zoo in Baraboo following break-in

BARABOO, Wis. — An owl that escaped from the Ochsner Park Zoo in Baraboo after a person or people reportedly broke in and let them loose earlier this week has been found, officials said Friday.

In an update Friday afternoon, city officials said Jerry the Great Horned Owl was found injured about four miles outside Baraboo. The owl had two fractures in his wing, one of which is expected to heal quickly and one that may require therapy.

“Zoo staff was able to capture him and transport him to UW Vet, where he was able to be positively identified and examined overnight,” the post reads.

Jerry will spend a month in an isolated part of the zoo while he recovers, officials said.

Three of the four animals that escaped have now been caught and returned to the facility; kayakers found the two escaped otters, Mitch and Moe, earlier this week.

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Search efforts are continuing for Linda, the remaining missing owl.

On Thursday, Baraboo Police Chief Rob Sinden told News 3 Now his department received good tips from community members about the incident, adding he’s confident an investigation will lead to the culprit or culprits being arrested.

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Investigators believe whoever let the animals loose did so to set them free rather than for financial gain, but zookeeper Ellen Gallagher said the animals likely wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild.

“Letting the animal be free seems like it could be a good idea, but what it really could have done is sign their death certificate,” she told News 3 Now.

Officials said Linda won’t have any physical markings or bands that identify her. They added she will likely stay somewhere in the area at first.

Anyone who sees an owl that may be Linda should call the Baraboo Police Department’s non-emergency line at 608-356-4895.