One-OneThousand highlights goods from local, Midwest makers

The retail space brings together various makers

To support the maker movement, One-OneThousand operates as a co-working space for professional artisans and craftspeople. As soon as you enter the 4,800-square-foot warehouse on the east side of Madison, you’ll find retail items lining the walls and a large table in the center, perfect for collaboration and workshops.

Sarah Artz, founder of One-OneThousand, curates the retail space to support local Madison and Midwest makers. Some even work out of the studios in the back of the warehouse.

Artz says she tries to use the space to tell the story of different products made in the community. She says she wants to provide products for a handcrafted lifestyle.

“It all fits for that conscious shopper who wants to buy things that have a story attached to them,” Artz says.

The retail space is an extension of the Good Day Market, an event One-OneThousand hosts multiple times a year where a variety of makers can sell their products.

“A lot of feedback we got is [that] people wanted to shop these goods more than just twice a year,” she says.

One-OneThousand’s space stocks clothing, accessories, kitchen goods, homewares, lighting, wall art and creative supplies. They also sell Made Kits, a line of all-inclusive packages for those interested in learning a craft.

“I think it makes sense for retail to fit with One-OneThousand. The ultimate goal is for the makers to be selling their goods,” Artz says.

The retail space will be open during workshops, the Good Day Pop-Up on July 28 and Sept. 15 and monthly retail hours. Products are also available online.


Keep it Clutch: Dress up your look with a handwoven rosepath pocketbook by Thief & Moth. $55, thiefandmoth.comOne-OneThousand highlights goods from local, Midwest makers

Always Accessorize: Melissa Jenkins Designs’ tassel earrings add fun flair to any outfit. $38, highlights goods from local, Midwest makers

Dark and Stormy: Using a deep-brown clay, Ian Wright creates two-tone black stoneware mugs. $25, ianwright.myportfolio.comOne-OneThousand highlights goods from local, Midwest makers

Treat Yourself: Keep calm with the soothing scents of rose, jasmine and clary sage with H & B pink Himalayan bath soak. $13, highlights goods from local, Midwest makers

Delicate Design: Vicki Liu’s intricately embroidered wall hangings add a little pop of color to any room. $65, vicki-liu.comOne-OneThousand highlights goods from local, Midwest makers

Cheesy Goodness: Spice up a charcuterie tray with a handcrafted cheese board by Alex Clarke Woodworking. $80, highlights goods from local, Midwest makers

78 N. Bryan St., 286-1511

Maija Inveiss is the digital content editor of Madison Magazine. Find her on Instagram @maija.inveiss.