Ohio candy shop’s pickle juice soda sells out

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Tamorlan via Wikimedia Commons
Pickles, which eked out a spot at No. 10 in 2017, fell out of the top 10 this year.

An Ohio candy shop is in a pickle. It can’t keep its latest strange-flavored soda in stock.

Shortly after Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop announced the rollout of Pickle Juice Soda on Friday, the pop sold out, UPI reported. Now the retailer has a waitlist for the briny beverage.

“If you’re the kind of pickle lover who relishes all things pickled, this is gonna be a really big dill. Pickle Juice Soda Pop is here!” the store said in an April 28 Facebook post.

“Due to the huge response to Pickle Juice Soda, please allow 10-15 business days for processing,” the retailer’s website says.