Officials warn to watch out for telephone, email scams

Officials warn to watch out for telephone, email scams

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office is reminding citizens that several telephone scams that are active in the community.

Officials received information about calls coming Tuesday from a phone number that appeared to be local, with the callers stating they were with the Sheriff’s Office civil process unit, according to a release from the Sheriff’s Office.

Law enforcement officials do not use such calls to collect funds for citations, jury duty, or outstanding warrants, officials said.

Many of the phone numbers the scammers are using are “spoofed,”meaning they are not actually calling from the number seen on caller ID. Officials say the method makes the scams difficult to track.

IRS telephone scams are also expected to become more prevalent in the upcoming months. Officials warn people that no legitimate government agency will collect money over the telephone or by email.

Many times these scammers prey on the elderly, and the callers can become demanding and intimidating, according to the release.

Officials say telephone and email scams can come in many forms, so the most important thing for people to remember is to never send money, or divulge personal or financial information, to unknown callers.