Officials warn of Great Moving after complaints in 26 states

moving box
Wikimedia Commons

MILWAUKEE — The Better Business Bureau Serving Wisconsin is warning consumers about Great Moving after dozens of consumers complained in 26 states.

A release said BBB has received 49 complaints from consumers in 26 states with losses totaling more than $58,000. On the day of the move, consumers said extra fees were added and doubled or tripled the price in the contract.

Half of complaints said they were charged for a shuttle service, which was an additional smaller truck provided after the standard moving truck was too big to fit in the homeowner’s driveway or apartment parking lot.

When homeowners objected to the extra fees, they said they were intimidated into paying or felt stuck since things were already onto the truck. More than 12 cases said Great Moving was “holding their belongings hostage” until they paid.

Other complainants told BBB that items were damaged or lost during the moving process.

The company has an F rating, the lowest from BBB. Of the 49 complaints, 37 received no response, three were closed as unresolved and two as resolved. In seven of the complaints, the company responded bud did not issue any refunds.