Kenosha Co. officials say they have no plans for curfews ahead of Rittenhouse verdict

KENOSHA, Wis. — Law enforcement in Kenosha says there is no reason for residents to change their daily routines and they have no plans to institute curfews at this time as the jury nears a verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

In a statement Tuesday, the Kenosha Co. Sheriff’s Department said it had worked to improve its response to large-scale events following last year’s demonstrations.

The Department said it does not see a reason for road closures or curfews at this time.

“We have also strengthened our existing relationships with State and Federal resources,” the department said. “We have and will continue to be engaged with our community leaders.”

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers announced he was sending 500 National Guard troops to standby outside the city of Kenosha in case local law enforcement needs help.

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In a Facebook post Tuesday, Evers urged peace in the city.

“Kenoshans are strong, resilient, and have worked hard to heal and rebuild together over the past year,” Evers said. “Please respect the Kenosha community and their efforts to come together.”

Jurors began deliberations in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse Tuesday morning.

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Rittenhouse faces charges of killing two people and injuring a third during demonstrations in Kenosha last year.