Officials: Envelope found in Janesville not hazardous

Hazmat crew sent to business; school evacuated
Officials: Envelope found in Janesville not hazardous
Scene of Janesville hazmat response at 1350 N. Parker Dr.

Officials reported the white powder found in an envelope in Janesville Friday is not hazardous.

Janesville police and fire officials responded to the scene of a hazardous materials situation after two people came into contact with white powder that came from an envelope, according to the Janesville Fire Department.

A statement said the area was sealed off, and everyone was evacuated from the building.

“It’s a two story building. Both stores were evacuated,”Janesville police Deputy Chief John Olsen said. “The employees upstairs and then the students and staff downstairs were all removed.”

Tests conducted on the powder came back negative, Olsen said, but the envelope was sent to the state’s crime lab as a precautionary measure.

Crews were called to Hewlett Packard 1350 N. Parker Dr., behind the Arrow Park building, at 10:17 a.m. The business receives about 1,000 pieces of mail a day, according to the statement. Nothing about the envelope appeared suspicious, and no substance was found in the building.

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The two people who came in contact with the powder reported not feeling well and being itchy. They were decontaminated and taken to a hospital. Three others who were in the room with the envelope were also hospitalized. All five were treated and released.

A hazmat crew entered the building and were able to retrieve the envelope.

According to Janesville School District spokesperson Brett Berg, 85 staff and students at the TAGOS Academy, which is housed in the area, have been evacuated. The students were bussed to Franklin Middle School, but none reported any symptoms.