Officers nab man accused of street-corner mugging

Officers nab man accused of street-corner mugging

A man was charged with robbery after an officer nabbed the alleged assailant shortly after a mugging early Thursday on a downtown Madison street corner, police said.

Madison police said a 20-year-old Middleton man was standing at the corner of North Frances Street and Langdon Street talking on his iPhone 6 at about 1:24 a.m. when he realized three men were watching him.

When he finished his call, he put his phone in a pocket. According to the report, one of the three men approached him, placing something to his neck that he believed might be a knife.

Police said the assailant made a comment to the 20-year-old about not knowing “gangster (expletive).” The robber worked his free hand through the man’s pockets, taking the iPhone 6.

Madison officers in the area quickly had the alleged culprit in custody.

Stephon A. Jordan, 22, of Fitchburg, was arrested on suspicion of robbery and resisting an officer.

Jordan told police he was playing a game with the victim and later threatened to kill police officers, according to the report.