Officer relives attack by Jakubowski, years ago

Officer relives attack by Jakubowski, years ago

Nine days into the hunt for Joseph Jakubowski, a man accused of robbing a gun store and sending a threatening manifesto to the White House, and News 3 is learning more about his other crimes, including attacking a Janesville officer.

Jakubowski’s name is one Sgt. Jimmy Holford’s known for nearly a decade. On March 2, 2008, Holford, a rookie at the time, was running license plates at a Janesville gas station. When he ran Jakubowski’s it showed an invalid license.

“He didn’t immediately pull over, he drove about a block and pulled into a driveway that I later found out was to his house,” Holford said.

Jakubowski jumped out of his car, and when Holford tried to stop him Jakubowski attacked.

“He just spun and he grabbed with both hands on to my gun,” Holford said.

Another officer wasn’t far behind, and tried to stop the struggle.

“The officer drew her gun, pointed it at him, said, ‘Stop, or I’m going to shoot’, and he very calmly just looked over her shoulder and said, ‘Then effing do it,'” Holford said.

The officer resisted, and after a few more minutes, Jakubowski was arrested.

“It was definitely something that kind of stuck with me for a while,” Holford said.

But he never could have imagined what would happen nine years later. Jakubowski is considered armed and dangerous, and is at the center of a nationwide search. As hundreds of local, state and national authorities work to find Jakubowski the hunt, for Holford, is a personal one.

“Ever since that happened, I’ve always worried,” Holford said. “What if he runs into someone that’s not prepared and he’s able to win and hurt them?”

Jakubowski was found guilty of a felony as a result of the incident. Holford is begging anyone with information on Jakubowski to come forward.