October City Style Behind the Scenes: Meet Howard Hayes

October City Style Behind the Scenes: Meet Howard Hayes

Believe it or not, we spotted Howard Hayes walking down the street and we simply had to ask him to model for our October City Style page! He was game—and fully embraced wearing this fall’s most dapper looks. Here’s what he had say when we quizzed him about his unique Madison story.

How long have you been in Madison, and are you originally from here?
I’ve been in Madison for seventeen years. I’m originally from Atlanta and moved to Chicago. [I] had a friend from Georgia who lived in Madison. I came to Madison for a visit and never left.

What do you do for work?
At the Goodman [Community Center] I work [on the] Afterschool, Teen Center and MERIT (Sex Ed) [programs] and I’m a bartender at Genna’s.

What side of town do you live on, and what places do you like to frequent in your ‘hood?
I’m a typical Eastsider. I frequent the Victory Cafe, Plaka Taverna, Genna’s, Mickey’s, Alchemy, the Crystal Corner, the Weary Traveler and the farmers’ market.

Let’s talk food. What’s your favorite eatery and meal at said eatery? How about cocktail?
Favorite meal is brunch at Sardine. The sausage breakfast. And favorite drink is Sardine’s Greyhound.

Your hair is fantastic. How do you maintain it?
The less I maintain it the more it does, so I just leave it alone.

You showcased some great fall fashion. What’s your off-duty style?
I like patterns on solids with maybe a little scarf to accentuate. Comfort is first, but I also like a fitted feel.

How do you spend your free time?
Weekends I like canoeing, running (specifically in the Arb), football, good food and catching up with friends.

What I loved about working with you was that you fully embraced each shot. In fact, you had a “story” for each shot. Please share!
The [first] shot I felt I was like hailing a cab in New York City. [For the second photo] (shown right) I felt like I had students waiting for me in my cultural anthropology class!



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