“Occupy Madison” lives on at local campground

Residents had to move from previous site in May
“Occupy Madison” lives on at local campground

Last October, a vacant lot on Madison’s East Washington Avenue turned into the makeshift home for the “Occupy Madison” movement.

After turning into a place for the homeless over the winter, dozens had to leave in May after the city closed the site down.

Occupy Madison members have now set up camp in Lake Farm Park on Madison’s south side. 

At a picnic over the weekend, the group talked about how the homeless can live out of tents legally in Dane County.

The Tenant Resource Center has shelled out about $500 a month to keep a site open to anyone who needs the space.

But every two weeks those campers have to pack up and move out for a couple days before coming back.

“This is not a permanent solution,” said Heidi Weglietner, Dane County supervisor. “This is not housing. But it’s living. It’s figuring out how to live, and you know, deal with these incredible challenges.”

“We’re not giving up. We believe in ‘Occupy,’ so that’s why we’re still with it,” said Occupy resident Daniel Callahan.

Heidi Weglietner is planning to pitch ordinance changes to make it easier for the homeless to use public restrooms and showers and to more conveniently camp out in the county.