Oak Creek wins honor of best-tasting water in Wisconsin

Best Tasting Water In Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. — Oak Creek has the best-tasting water in Wisconsin, according to a contest held at Monona Terrace on Wednesday.

The Oak Creek Water Utility averages pumping 7.5 million gallons per day and serves about 80,000 people, providing water to Oak Creek, Franklin and Caledonia.

The utility gets its water from Lake Michigan.

Oak Creek won the annual honor after an extensive judging process.

“Different types of water depending on their source can have different characteristics, so we’ll smell it a bit, you’ll see our judges sip it, let it roll around in your mouth, (and) kinda get a sense for that,” said Melissa Elliott of the American Waterworks Association.

Oak Creek will go on to compete for best-tasting water in America next year in San Antonio.