NWS continues storm surveys as clean up crews deal with damage

Crews Still Working Through Storm Damage Surveys

MADISON, Wis. — So far, the National Weather Service has confirmed seven tornadoes touched down during Thursday morning’s severe storms, the majority of which were in southern Wisconsin.

As survey crews with the NWS continue to gather information about the storms, community members are working to clean up the damage. That includes residents in the Town Middleton who may have been hit by a tornado.

Jett Williams with Williams Tree Maintenance said crews have been working 15-hour days to clear debris from damaged homes.

“In these situations, basically, we put whoever has something on their house first, make sure [we] get that off there and get tarps over it, so if there is rain, anything more, there’s no further damage,” Williams said.

Mark Steingraber, a homeowner in the Town of Middleton, said he’s been dealing with damage to his home since the storms hit early Thursday morning.

“As soon as I opened the basement door I could smell pine, and I could see that there was a hole in the living room ceiling,” he said.

Five large pine trees ended up on top of his home. Steingraber and his wife were asleep when the tornado sirens first rang.

“She grabbed my leg and said ‘We’ve got to go down to the basement,'” he said. “I grabbed the 4-year-old, she grabbed the 1-year-old.”

After no more than a minute in the basement, the trees crashed into the house. While there’s still a lot of damage to deal with, Steingraber said he’s just glad no one got hurt.

“It’ll all get fixed eventually and life will be back to normal eventually,” Steingraber said.