Nuns reunited with mosaic honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe

Nuns Reunited With Mosaic Honoring Our Lady Of Guadalupe

ENDEAVOR, Wis. — For the first time in almost 60 years, two nuns were reunited with a piece of art they created a lifetime ago: a mosaic of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Over 100 people gathered to see the piece of art and the artists who created it.

The shrine was originally built so seasonal migrant workers of Wisconsin could worship a familiar figure.

“We started this in 1964. When I see it now, it looks exactly the same,” artist Kathleen Stagney said. “When you look at it from any area here in front, you can see the Mother’s eyes looking at you and she said, ‘How’d you do that?’ and I said, ‘We didn’t do it. It’s just the way it happens.”

The hope is to make it into a pilgrimage site for Catholics from all over the Midwest.

The owner of the Wilderness Resort in the Dells helped finance the repair.