Nuns’ bus tour makes Janesville stop to protest GOP budget

Nuns stop outside U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan's office
Nuns’ bus tour makes Janesville stop to protest GOP budget

A group of Catholic nuns who said they are traveling around the country to fight for social justice made a stop in Janesville Tuesday on their bus tour.

A large crowd was on hand to greet the bus of nuns on their “Faith, Family and Fairness Tour.”

“What we’re here to do is lift up a different point of view and say, ‘Lets talk,'” said Sister Simone Campbell.

The “Nuns on the Bus” have been traveling around the country to protest Republican federal budget proposals that they say hurt the poor.

“(The Republican budget plan) actually shifts tax cuts to the wealthy and $8 billion more to the military than what they’re asking for. So, from our prospective, that’s not a good choice for our nation,” Campbell said.

The nuns stopped outside of Republican U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan’s office on Main Street just one day after Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney made a stop in the same city.

But not everyone in the crowd supported the sisters’ message.


“I’m embarrassed my fellow religious sisters are doing this. I totally support Paul Ryan. He may not be 100 percent, but I think he’s the best we have in the foreground than we have now. He’s making cuts in our budget which have to be,” said Beloit Resident Sister Rose Azalea Bauer, with the Franciscan Order Of Perpetual Adoration of LaCrosse.

Ryan wasn’t in Janesville on Tuesday but in a statement he said Washington owes the American people reforms and real solutions for our urgent fiscal challenges.

The nuns said citizens and lawmakers should work together to solve the nation’s budget woes.

“We’re a nation that values individual responsibility but treasures community, and we can only do it together, and that’s the same as our faith. It’s individual responsibility combined with solidarity that makes a whole; that’s who we are,” Campbell said.