November shots fired incident could cost a popular Janesville bar and music venue its liquor license

JANESVILLE, Wis – A music venue and bar in Rock County could lose its liquor license following a shots fired incident in late 2019.

According to a complaint made to Janesville’s Alcohol Licensing and Advisory Committee, the incident happened in November after a birthday party was ending for the night.

Co-Owner Bob Kerman said the party was a private event for roughly 100 people and had private security.

He says he heard shots coming from the parking lot and called police

“As we read the police reports, spoke with the officers and reviewed the video, we really appreciated the seriousness of the circumstances,” said Janesville Police Chief David Moore.

Moore and his officers brought their concerns to the ALAC, who plan to hold a hearing Friday.

“I felt sucker punched,” Kerman said. “I get along extremely well with JPD.”

Kerman said the shots came from outside the bar, and said he complied with the police investigation.

Moore says the department’s main concern is keeping gun violence in the city to a minimun.

“We have done very well here in Janesville in regard to gun violence,” he said. “In this particular case we have the opportunity to address the gun violence because this particular establishment is licensed, and we have some control over that license.”

“There are no problems,” Kerman said. “There have been literally no problems in 18 years inside the bar.”