Not complying with mandatory mask order in Dane County could land you a fine

PHMDC: After education, citations of up to $367 could be issued

MADISON, Wis. – Those who don’t comply with Dane County’s mandatory mask order starting next week could face a citation costing more than $200.

If a citation is issued in the City of Madison, the fee is $376, while if it is issued outside the city in Dane County, the ticket amount is $263.50.

Public Health Madison & Dane County Environmental Health Services Supervisor Bonnie Koenig said a citation is not the first step if someone isn’t wearing a mask.

“Ideally, the public health wants to educate, encourage everyone to wear masks, because as we all wear masks together and we’re in this together, we’re protecting one another and preventing the spread of COVID-19,” Koenig said. “However, for those not in compliance, we would educate first and thereafter, there could be citations.”


Koenig said accommodations would be made for those with a medical condition or disability or in settings in which wearing a mask could be unsafe.

“For instance, in a manufacturing situation, where your straps might get caught up in equipment,” she said. “That would have to be addressed by occupational health and safety personnel.”

Starting Monday, Dane County residents will be required to wear a face covering or mask when inside any enclosed building beyond their homes.

PHMDC announced the Emergency Order on Tuesday. It requires anyone over the age of 5 to wear the coverings.

The mask must cover a person’s nose and mouth when in public. This includes all businesses, health care settings, waiting in line and on public transportation. The order also requires individuals to wear face coverings when in someone else’s home.

Exceptions will be made for certain activities, such as dining out.