Not as ‘fat,’ Sitton not working as much, either

Packer backups try to claim roster spot with performance Thursday

Josh Sitton was in a great mood Saturday, cracking jokes and even lifting up his shirt and laughing off one reporter pointing out that he’s seemingly lost some weight after having been, uh, fat for most of his career. It was meant as a compliment.

“Really? Do I look thinner?” Sitton said with a chuckle as he lifted his t-shirt. “I don’t appreciate the word fat. I’m probably a little bit [lighter]. I probably slimmed down a little. Not a whole lot.”

It’s certainly not from his workload the first few days of training camp, which has been limited for undisclosed reasons. Sitton, who has battled back problems in the past and played through a painful toe injury last season, parroted coach Mike McCarthy’s remark from the day before and said simply that the Packers are “just being smart” with him early in camp.

Sitton said the toe “feels great” right now, but he wouldn’t disclose what soreness he’s experiencing.

“I’ve just got some soreness right now, so we’re just trying to limit what I’m doing right this minute,” Sitton said. “We’ve got a plan going forward. We know what I need to get and I’m on the same page with the coaches right now and we know what we need to do.”

Pressed on if it’s his back that’s bothering him, Sitton replied, “I’m sore everywhere. Mentally, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, everything. Just beaten down.”

Sitton, who earned his second Pro Bowl berth last season, then was asked if the fact that he was joking around about his limited practice reps was a sign that he’s not worried about whatever it is that’s bothering him.

“We’re not concerned with anything in the long run. I’ll be just fine,” Sitton replied. “There’s nothing to really worry about. We’re just being smart. I’m getting older. I’ve played a long time, I don’t need as many as reps as maybe I did in the past. We’re just being smart.”

As for his weight, to the naked eye Sitton – listed at 6-foot-3 and 318 pounds – does seem slimmer than past years, although when he lifted up his shirt he didn’t exactly reveal six-pack abs.

“My weight’s about the same. I think I’ve just cut a little bit of fat,” Sitton said. “People have been saying that [I look thinner], but I think I’m the same weight. Maybe I just put it in the right places.”

Sitton said he’s not especially enjoying his reduced workload, which has Lane Taylor, JC Tretter, Don Barclay and others getting snaps in his place. Sitton was held out of 11-on-11 drills as well as the half-line run-blocking drill Saturday, during the team’s first practice in pads.

“Traditionally I’ve been a guy, I need my practice and I’ve always wanted to practice. This is new, and it’s not easy to sit and watch – especially when the offense is out there kicking ass like they were today,” Sitton said. “You want to be out there and be a part of that and be with your guys and make your team better.

“I just need to be in football shape. Usually that takes a week or two for linemen.”