Northstreet restaurant collective opens in Eken Park

Community-based dining and lounging space offers opportunity for customers to enjoy food, drinks and connection in one place.
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Photo courtesy of Cafe Domestique

Northstreet, a new restaurant collective, opened Nov. 1 in the Eken Park neighborhood on Madison’s northside. Bloom Bake Shop, Cafe Domestique and Youngblood Beer Co. — three independent businesses operating out of the same building — are set to serve pastries, coffee and beer.

“I [was in the space] since about 10 a.m., and there [were] people in here the entire time,” says Tom Dufek, a co-owner of Youngblood Beer Co. “So first day seemed to be pretty good.”

The new building is located at 557 North St. and has been in the works for about a year, according to Bloom Bake Shop owner Annemarie Maitri. They struggled to keep their baked goods in stock, as customers began pouring in within the first hour. 

For now, Bloom Bake Shop is making pastries at its Monroe Street location and transporting them fresh to Northstreet every day.

“Our intention right now is to just have a vibrant bakery case, with fresh breads coming over. Sweet and savory,” Maitri says. “And then our friends at Cafe Domestique are offering up the coffee and tea service and then Youngblood has beer in the evening.”

The organization of the building itself allows people to settle in. Dufek says while each business has its own counter, customers can easily walk from one to another and socialize. People can grab a coffee then go for a beer a few hours later.

Northstreet’s comfortable, neighborhood feel has been well-received by the community. Dufek said that during the construction process, Eken Park residents were eager for the opening.

Northstreet soft-launched over the weekend with family and friends, Dufek says. But the event opened up as people from the neighborhood saw the collective was open and felt inclined to walk inside. 


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Maitri says the success of the collaboration can be attributed to the strong foundation behind each company.

“The owners really were able to bring three businesses with very strong core values together around community and what it means to take care of people,” she says, “and also the pridefulness that we all have toward what we are creating for you.”

After COVID-19 related shutdowns, Maitri says people are ready to connect as a community again. The businesses in the Northstreet collective are eager to facilitate that environment.

As they settle into their rhythm, Maitri says they are passionate about making Northstreet a special place for the Eken Park neighborhood.

“It’s really a fun opportunity to work with other businesses and be part of the community,” Dufek says. “We’re excited for people to come check it out.”

Celia Hiorns is an editorial intern at Madison Magazine.

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