Northside Madison group teaches youth about money

Teens hope to raise enough money for trip
Northside Madison group teaches youth about money

A youth group on Madison’s north side used a local farmer’s market to learn the value of a dollar on Sunday.

The Vera Court Neighborhood Center is helping a group of middle school-aged students how to run a successful business. The group created a taco and tamale stand at the Northside Farmer’s Market in hopes of raising enough money for a trip to the Wisconsin Dells.

“I think it’s really great that youth on the north side of Madison are getting to own something and make something themselves,” said Patrick Shrank, who works at the Vera Court Neighborhood Center. “They also have the ownership of saying, ‘Hey, if I want to do something, if I want to go to the Dells, I have to earn that.”


Eli Morocho is 12 years old and worked at the food stand on Sunday.

“I do chores a lot at home, but this is different because we get to work together,” said Morocho. “We’re hoping to get enough money to go to trips like Wisconsin Dells. I’d be excited. Last year, we got to go.”

By the end of Sunday’s farmer’s market, the group sold out their food.