Nominations for newly created Police Civilian Oversight Board due by Sept. 16

Madison police squad car

MADISON, Wis. — The City of Madison is now accepting at-large nominations for four seats on the newly created Police Civilian Oversight Board.

Madison’s Common Council voted early Wednesday morning to create an independent police monitor position and civilian oversight board years after the recommendations for greater police oversight were made in the wake of the 2015 police shooting of Tony Robinson that led to his death.

“This is a historic moment in our city to see representation of those who are not often heard or seen to serve on the Civilian Oversight Board,” Council President Sheri Carter said. “This is a great opportunity for City of Madison residents to have a seat at the table where their concerns relative to law enforcement can be heard. I encourage all to apply to serve on the newly created Civilian Oversight Board.”

At-large nominations are open to the public. The deadline for submitting nominations is Sept. 16.

Nine community organizations will also nominate three people each. Madison’s Common Council will then pick one person from each organization’s list of nominees.

“I am encouraging a broad diversity of people to apply for positions both through the nominating organizations and for the at-large seats,” Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway said.

Anyone interested in applying for the position should visit the City of Madison website for more detailed information.

Any questions about the Civilian Oversight Board application process can be sent to The public can also call the Common Council Office at 608-266-4071.