Noble Wray’s life after policing

Noble Wray’s life after policing
Noble Wray retires

As friends and colleagues gather to honor Madison Police Chief Noble Wray Thursday, we choose to look forward to working with Citizen Wray (apologies to former Mayor Cieslewicz for stealing his clever title change.)

We believe Chief Wray handled a tough job extraordinarily well. We understand others will have a different opinion. It comes with the territory.

We also have a great deal of respect for the breadth of Wray’s community involvement beyond public safety. His presence at countless community events, his work with United Way of Dane County and the Boys and Girls Clubs, his leadership in addressing racial disparity and re-entry into the community for ex-offenders, all spoke to a commitment to our city and its people that was genuine and heartfelt.

We hope the chief takes a long vacation and a refreshing break. But he’s told us he’s planning on staying in Madison and that’s a good thing for us.

Citizen Wray has a lot to offer. We’re looking forward to what comes next.