‘No mask, no service’ still applies in Dane Co., regardless of vaccination status

MADISON, Wis.– Despite the CDC’s latest recommendation that says fully vaccinated people don’t need to wear masks, a masking requirement still exists in Dane County.

Jennifer Hamre gives credit to vaccinations for bringing customers back into her restaurant.

“We are starting to see faces that we haven’t seen in more than a year’s time,” Hamre said.

The bar manager at R.P. Adler’s in Madison is navigating this next part of the pandemic, where it feels like there’s new guidance almost everyday. The latest CDC recommendation of no masks for fully vaccinated people leaves restaurants, like hers, with more to think about.

“Who should be? Who shouldn’t be? Do we ask? Don’t we ask?,” Hamre said. “I do absolutely think that (the recommendation) is something that is suggesting that we are starting to see some of the end of this. Though, I think we all realize (masks) will be around for a little while yet.”

No one has all of the answers quite yet, but the business community sees the latest recommendation as a positive sign.

“It really does allow businesses to start getting back to business as normal,” Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce President Zach Brandon said.

Brandon said surveys show businesses are looking to Public Health Madison Dane County and the area’s vaccination rate to place for the next normal.

“Businesses have been thinking about how do we create vaccination only areas,” Brandon said.

Customers trust businesses to keep safe and healthy practices, and in return, those businesses depend on customers to do the same.

“There’s a counter expectation that people are being honest and truthful about their vaccination status and are doing what’s right for them,” Brandon said.

Hamre said that’s something R.P. Adler’s asks of all customers who walk through the door.

“Please know that there’s other folks here. We’re asking you to do your best to think of other people in the process,” Hamre said.

Businesses will continue to follow Public Health Madison Dane County’s current order, which requires masks indoors and outdoor dining areas.