No ice bucket needed

A Midwesterner's alternative to a refrigerator
No ice bucket needed
Photo by Amelia Bates

My mother, the perpetual host of nearly all of my family’s holiday gatherings, is one sneaky woman. When I’m helping in the kitchen before a party, she’ll turn to me with a full serving bowl and say, “Honey, can you put this in the fridge for me?” This is a total trap.

She knows full well that there’s no room left in the refrigerator when assigning this impossible task. But our Christmas gathering is different. There’s a space-saving hack that’s a luxury to us in the Midwest, and that’s using the snowbank built up on the back porch as an extra cooler.

It’s practically part of my mom’s greeting when people walk through the door: “Hi! Welcome! Oh, wine! Go ahead and put that on the back porch.” And for the battalion-sized amount of food my mom cooks, the snow bank is vital when every inch of the fridge is essential. Now if only there was a trick for organizing her Tupperware drawer.

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