No fear, just lots of layers: Packers fans bundle up for Sunday’s game

Ticket holders prepare for subzero temperatures at Lambeau
No fear, just lots of layers: Packers fans bundle up for Sunday’s game

Packers fans bundle up for Sunday’s game

Packers enthusiast Katie Duesterbeck owns three jerseys, and she plans on wearing all of them to her first game Sunday.

“I already knew it was supposed to be really cold, winter, but that cold?” Duesterbeck said. “Yeah, I automatically started making a list of all of the things I should bring to layer up.”

Duesterbeck already started stacking up her layers, including snow pants, thermals, three hats, multiple pairs of gloves and boots.

“Maybe it’ll be during or after that I’m like, ‘Why did I do this?’ During, maybe. I don’t know,” Duesterbeck said. “But if we win on top of it, hands down probably be the most awesome thing I’ve done.”

Forecasts have wind chills well below zero at Lambeau Field on Sunday.

Jim Bryce, a partner of the Milwaukee-based Ticket King online broker, said the temperature is just one factor that kept people from buying tickets for the playoff game.

While sales on Ticket King’s site have been steady this week, the Packers were still 3,000 tickets short of a sell-out as of Thursday afternoon. The NFL granted the franchise an extension on ticket sales, so the team now has until 4 p.m. Friday to sell as many as possible.

If the Packers don’t sell enough, there is still the possibility the playoff game could be blacked out of television broadcasts in Milwaukee and Green Bay.

Bryce said he’s confident that will not happen.

Unless the Packers want to see people turn over cars and set them on fire, there is not a shot they’re going to black this game out.

Bryce said along with the cold weather, fans didn’t have much faith the Packers would make the playoffs a month ago, around the time when season ticket-holders were offered the chance to buy their seats.

In addition, Bryce said the game coming right after the holidays, when most people have already spent their savings, isn’t the best timing. The Packers also added thousands of seats to Lambeau Field before this season, making it that much harder to fill up the stands.

“I think people just need to relax,” Bryce said. “Frankly, it’s a story and it’s about the Packers, but it’s just there are so many factors that came together, and we went over all of those. And it all happened in a really short span of time, and it’s just personally, I highly doubt that this will ever happen again.”