No dangerous protests in Madison during inauguration week, law enforcement remains prepared

MADISON, Wis.– Madison didn’t see any dangerous protests this week, but state and local law enforcement agencies were prepared anyway.

The state placed barricades near entrances to the building to keep people away on Sunday. Those were pushed to the side later in the week. First floor windows of the State Capitol Building have been boarded up since last week.

The Department of Administration was unable to say how much longer windows will be boarded up and roadblocks would be present at the Wisconsin State Capitol Building.

“For the safety and security of the Capitol Police, as well as members of the public, we do not share details regarding current or future security measures (including roadblocks and fencing), nor do we comment on potential threats or any intelligence gathering efforts,” a DOA spokesperson said in an email.

Capitol Police walked laps around the building, monitoring the situation on Wednesday.

Madison Police Interim Chief Vic Wahl said it was an uneventful week here in Madison, which he considers to be a good thing.

“Today is a point of emphasis, I think, just because of the national significance of the day, but here in Madison going back eight, nine months, we’ve had protests almost every day,” Wahl said. “We’ll continue to have (extra staffing and visibility) in place on a smaller scale.”

The Wisconsin National Guard was not requested to the State Capitol on Wednesday.