#NightlyLockup reminds residents to lock their doors

#NightlyLockup reminds residents to lock their doors
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The Madison Police Department is starting a social media campaign to remind residents of the importance of locking their doors, according to a release.

Officials said #NightlyLockup will be used on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram to remind residents to lock their doors, specifically their car doors.

More than 1,100 thefts from autos have been reported in Madison this year, and 26 guns have been stolen out of vehicles this year, police said. There were 41 guns stolen out of cars in 2016.

“People just aren’t thinking,” said Joel Despain, the public information officer for Madison Police. “They are leaving their guns in their cars, some of them are hunters, and a lot of times not locking their cars and these guns are ending up stolen.”

Officials said the majority of the thefts happened when the cars were unlocked.

MPD officers will be sending out a reminder each night on social media to remind residents to lock their cars and garages.