Zoo changes locations of two animals

Lions and tigers swap exhibits

Henry Vilas Zoo is swapping the locations of the lion and tiger exhibits, its Facebook page announced Wednesday.

The lion family, consisting of Pelo, Shakura and the cubs Ansel and Amboseli, are getting a new home by exploring the former "tiger" yard.

According to the Facebook post, the zoo's female Amur tiger, Callie, will be moving into the exhibit where the lion family used to be. 

At this time, Callie has not ventured into the exhibit. The post said many female tigers are cautious, so Callie has been slowly getting comfortable navigating the pathway to the exhibit.

"Callie will have access of exhibit for a while so that she can choose when she feels comfortable enough to be in the limelight, but we are confident that she will soon be spending much of her time around the rocks and grassy knolls," the Facebook post said.

Since Amur tigers are comfortable in cold areas, she will be on exhibit during the winter once she starts roaming her new space.



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