WTS Paradigm praises Middleton businesses for acts of kindness during lockdown

Stores show acts of kindness during Middleton lockdown

MIDDLETON, Wis. - For Karley Carpenter, Wednesday started like any other day -- with a delivery. Carpenter, who manages Smoothie King on Deming Way in Middleton, says when she was on her way back from the delivery, she noticed something was wrong.

"I saw three black cop cars turn their lights on, jump off the beltline and come speeding this way," Carpenter said. "I was like, 'Oh, no.'"

As Carpenter approached her store, she was met by police vehicles.

"We just started looking around and saw how bad it really was," she said. "People were crying and cops were taking pictures of people's wounds."

Not knowing what to do, Carpenter called the owners of the store.

"They were like, 'Lock the doors,'" Carpenter said.

While they were on lockdown, Carpenter began thinking of ways she could help the people standing outside. She soon got the idea to feed them.

"We walked up there and talked to the firefighters," she said. "We said, 'Is it OK to give smoothies to some of the people up here?' And they said 'Yeah, we think that's appropriate.'"

Carpenter and another coworker made more than 50 smoothies, a small gesture to show kindness and compassion.

"At the time I was just thinking of the people, I wasn't thinking of myself," Carpenter said.

On Wednesday, WTS Paradigm, the software company where the shooting took place, thanked nearby stores that helped staff during the emergency evacuation, saying, "In a situation like this, you learn how great a community really is."

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