Woman finds camera, recording system in bathroom; Fiance arrested

MONROE, Wis. - A Monroe man was arrested Thursday after his female roommate found a camera and recording system in a bathroom in their apartment, police said.

Monroe police were called Thursday to investigate a complaint that someone in an apartment in the 200 block of Fourth Avenue, on Monroe’s west side, had discovered that another person had installed a spy camera to record them in a bathroom, according to a release.

A woman who lived in the apartment and a woman who was visiting found a spy camera system had been installed in the apartment bathroom without their consent by a man who also lived in the apartment, officials said.

The camera recorded the women without their knowledge or consent, according to the release.

Officers took the recording system and recordings, and later made contact with the man, 26-year-old Marcus T. Hendrickson, of Monroe, when he arrived back at the residence.

Hendrickson was arrested on a tentative charge of invasion of privacy by recording another without clothing, which is a felony charge. 

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