Winnebago Mental Health Institute cited for noncompliance

OSHKOSH, Wis. - The state-run Winnebago Mental Health Institute is in danger of losing its Medicare contract after federal regulators cited the Oshkosh facility for being out of compliance.

A federal inspection report says the institute housed two adolescent patients with adults without proper supervision. That led to an immediate jeopardy citation in February. 

Inspectors issued 48 citations to the facility in December and February for a variety of problems, including noncompliance with Medicare rules, the Wisconsin State Journal reported. The violations include improper patient care and an unsafe physical environment.

In one case cited, a patient who fell and hit his head wasn't sent to the hospital until 14 hours later and required surgery for bleeding on the brain.

Regulators say the facility's Medicare contract will be terminated in July if the problems aren't fixed.

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