Volunteers pack 120K meals to feed starving children

VERONA, Wis. - With every grain of rice and meal, a good time for a good cause took shape at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Verona Saturday.

Volunteers of all ages worked to feed starving children in the local community and in other countries.

“We're part of a society where we've been given so much, I think it's important to get our kids involved and give back,” event leader Nathan Brinkman said.

Brinkman has been leading the charge at the church to help the hungry for six years by collecting funds and through four simple ingredients

“Soy, rice, meal, and vitamins, so these are important ingredients that are literally saving children’s lives throughout the globe,” Brinkman added.

Amelia and Annabel Frey pitched in to improve the lives of kids just like them, half a world away.

“Children in need don't have any food, and they need food, so we're helping them,” Amelia said.

“It makes me feel good to help people,” Annabel added.

Organizers say the hard work that volunteers put in today shows dividends well beyond the boxes packed. 

“What they do for two hours goes on for a lifetime, until those kids are able to thrive,” MobilePack Supervisor for Feed My Starving Children Ursula Maley explained. “I think that's a life-changing thing, not just for the kids we serve, but for the people that come here to pack.”

Volunteers packed 124,000 meals this weekend.


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