Vet advises protecting your pets from cold

Winter weather can be dangerous

This cold weather can be downright dangerous, especially for your four-legged friends. Just like us humans, cats, dogs and other animals can get frostbite and hypothermia. Dr. Julia Bates, a veterinarian at Madison Veterinary Specialists, said there are some precautions you should be taking before having your pet brave the weather. 

Put a coat on short-hair dogs. You also can put booties on their paws. 

“Especially when they haven't had a chance to build up their pads, it can be really cold and they can get frozen,” Bates said. 

If your pet doesn’t wear booties, check their paws after going outside. 

“Ice balls can get stuck in their feet. Also make sure to clean salt off their paws,” Bates said.
Keep indoor cats inside and make sure to pay extra-close attention to outdoor animals like feral cats, hunting dogs, horses and cows.

“Make sure they have access to fresh water. That is a big deal, especially in these temperatures. ater will freeze,” Bates said. “Provide them with good quality energy feed that provides them with a lot of energy because they are expending a lot of calories  just shivering and trying to stay warm.”

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