Verona police remind drivers to use caution, sensitivity when driving past crash scenes

Reminder comes after photos of fatal crash spread

Verona police remind drivers to use...

VERONA, Wis. - After a massive amount of photos and videos popped up in the hours after a fatal 29-vehicle crash, Verona police reminded people to use caution and sensitivity when driving past such a scene. 

In a Facebook post officials asked that people be more sensitive to the individual dealing with a traumatic situation at the crash scene. A woman died during the crash in Verona Monday and more were injured. 

The Facebook post said in part: "Almost two dozen individuals were injured and one person lost their life. If you were a family member or friend of one of those involved, ask yourself, would you want to learn that someone you care about was hurt or killed via a social media post?"



Officials also added that there is an added danger that comes with those using their phones to take photos or videos while driving through a congested, dangerous area. 

"If people want to take their phone out and record incidents, you know people have the right while they're in public to do that," Sgt. Matthew Dart said. "However, realize that you're also putting other drivers or other pedestrians or public safety officials, tow truck drivers and such in danger by doing that as well, so focus on the road. Make sure you're driving safely." 

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