Verona parents call for change to high school design weeks ahead of groundbreaking

VERONA, Wis. - Some Verona parents are calling for a design change to a future high school just weeks before the groundbreaking. Parents said the floor-to-ceiling glass design is unsafe.

The Verona School Board said it is  making security improvements in response to the concerns.

"We directed our architect to review the amount of glass, the location, the type, particularly in the interior and tasked him with coming up with some creative alternatives,” said Noah Roberts, Verona School Board president.



Roberts added that the natural sunlight will promote productivity and better moods for staff and students.

“The goal for us is to balance safety and those design principles, which include a lot of daylight. Study after study shows that that's great for learning,” Roberts said. 

Verona parent Erin Quinn said that if the design doesn't change, she won't be sending her son to school there.

“If it’s created as it is currently, there's no way I feel safe with my son going to that school,” Quinn said “My son's safety is No. 1.” 



Roberts said there likely won't be any significant changes to the design, but Quinn is holding out hope that the board will have a change of heart.

“There is a chance they could build one of the safest schools in the country and be a blueprint for other schools to come,” Quinn said. 

The school board held a community meeting last night. Construction is set to start in a few weeks. The school will open in 2020. 

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