UW study: Yoga reduces falls among the elderly

UW study: Yoga reduces falls among...

MADISON, Wis. - A University of Wisconsin-Madison study shows improved balance and a decrease in falls among older adults who take yoga.

The study looked at older rural adults who attended yoga classes in Western Wisconsin.

University of Wisconsin-Madison professor of family medicine Irene Hamrick reports the number of falls in older adults dropped 48 percent in the six months after the yoga classes started, compared to the six months prior to the class.

The 38 participants attended classes twice a week for eight weeks in Dodgeville, Platteville and Monroe.

Falls are the leading cause of deaths caused by injury for people age 65 and up. 

The average participant in the study was 70 years old. In the six months before the classes, 15 participants reported 27 falls. In the six months after the start of classes 13 people reported 14 falls, which the researchers considered a statistically significant reduction.

You can read the full study here.


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