Two sporting events will take over Beloit area this summer

Visit Beloit to host flag football, Kubb events

Two sporting events will take over Beloit area this summer

BELOIT, Wis. - The Stateline area is gearing up to host two major sporting events this summer that will draw thousands of participants and spectators from across the country.

Visit Beloit announced Wednesday it’s partnering with Flag Football World Championship Tour to host Battle Wisconsin in Rockton, Illinois, June 23-24. The event will be a regional qualifier and could draw upward of 100 teams and 2,500 spectators.

“The football event is definitely, I think, going to be a really good spectator sport to come out and check out,” said Matthew Bosen, Visit Beloit’s director of sales and servicing. “Because it’s such a large football tournament, you’re going to have some of the top flag football competitors in the country coming.”

He said Beloit is also hosting the third annual U.S. Kubb Open on Aug. 11 at Riverside Park. For the first time, it will be televised on Fox Sports Wisconsin.

“The exposure that the city of Beloit’s going to receive off of the 1.7 million households that this is going to reach is going to be great for the community,” Bosen said.

Beloit hosted its first Kubb tournament in 2014 and had about 18 teams sign up. Last year, 57 teams competed from eight states, as well as Switzerland. Bosen said he hopes to see this year’s tournament grow to 80 teams.

“It is really exciting for me to have these two events coming this year,” he said. “It’s not rare for a big city. It is very rare for Beloit because we haven’t had this yet.”

Bosen said each person who stays in the area will generate about $170 a night for hotels, food, gas and shopping.

“We should see quite a nice little bump from that,” he said.

Downtown businesses are also looking forward to the upcoming tournaments. Mark Preuschl, a City Council member who also works at Northwoods Premium Confections on State Street in Beloit, said he can’t wait for the sporting events this summer.

“We do get a lot of people coming into downtown Beloit when these events happen,” Preuschl said. “We’ve got a great downtown. We’ve got some great places to be, and we’re going to have more as we go along.”

Bosen said he hopes the deal with these two tournaments leads to more in the future.

“We’ll have this one exposure with a national event. We can prove to everyone how good we can do an event of that size, they’ll tell their friends and they’ll bring in more events,” he said. “Hopefully, the people that come and participate in these come to Beloit and they see how great the area is … and they just want to come back and be here for a weekend or come back and visit even when they’re not participating in their sports.”

Both tournaments are open, so people can sign up to play or just sit back and watch. Registration is already open for the Kubb tournament and will open soon for the flag football tournament. 

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