Woman takes hatchet to cellphone during TracFone customer service frustration

Woman takes hatchet to cellphone...

MADISON, Wis. - A Madison woman called for action after her cellphone provider canceled her service without reason, then refused to reinstate it after weeks of negotiations.

Jane Marvin has been a loyal customer with TracFone for nearly 20 years, until recently. After loading more than 500 minutes onto the phone, she opened it one day to find it deactivated.

When Marvin called TracFone to inquire, the company insisted she had canceled her service, then offered to send her a new SIM card. But four SIM cards, countless customer service calls and three weeks later, Marvin still couldn't use her TracFone, so she took matters into her own hands.

"I finally got to the point where I just said...well, I won't say what I said," Marvin said. "But I hung up, I took my phone down to the basement, I got out a hatchet and I went to it. Best three minutes of my life."

With a hacked up TracFone and still no answer from the company, Marvin moved on to a new provider. Since then, the company has offered to reinstate her 500 minutes, but only if Marvin buys a new cellphone, which is something she said she shouldn't have to do, since it has been the company's fault all along.

TracFone did not respond to requests for comment before the story aired but did say it would be in contact with Marvin again.

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