The Beacon is helping more people than expected, needs volunteers and donations

MADISON, Wis. - Now that winter and the cold weather is here, The Beacon resource center said it's seeing an increase in the number of homeless people visiting Madison’s newest shelter.

The need for shelters is always there, summer and winter, and The Beacon is offering warmth, food and comfort 365 days a year.

“That warm place, that warm cup of coffee in the morning, is such a wonderful comfort feeling after being in the elements, so to be able to provide that basic need of a warming place, but also showers and laundry,” Judith Metzger, The Beacon director, said.

The Beacon is helping 25 percent more people per day than originally expected. The center has only been open for eight weeks, but Metzger said they’re helping about 200 people daily.

Come January, some of The Beacon’s partners will be on site to help the homeless, which includes the Salvation Army, Second Harvest and people to provide medical services. Until then, the center is in need of winter supplies and volunteers.

“Right now, we have a need for such things as peanut butter and new men and women’s underwear, thermal underwear, scarves, mittens, those types of items that would help in the cold,” Metzger said.

The Beacon needs volunteers on Christmas and during the surrounding days.

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