Subcontractor working in Sun Prairie before explosion identified

Bear Communications identifies VC Tech, Inc.

SUN PRAIRIE, Wis. - A contractor who was involved in work in Sun Prairie before a gas line explosion has identified the subcontractor they say was working on their behalf.

A spokesman for Bear Communications released a statement to News 3 Friday saying that the work performed in the Sun Prairie area was performed by VC Tech, Inc.  

"VC Tech was working in the area prior to the blast, and when VC Tech's employees smelled gas they notified authorities of the gas leak and assisted in evacuating people from the area before the explosion occurred," the statement reads. 

The company spokesman also explained that a truck seen parked near the scene is not owned by Bear Communications. 

"In Sun Prairie, Bear Communications provides its subcontractors with magnetic signs with the Bear Communications logo for their vehicles," the statement said. 

Bear Communications was subcontracted by Verizon Wireless for work building a fiber network in the Madison area, a spokesman confirmed to News 3 Thursday. 

The spokesperson said he could not provide any more information about where VC Tech was based or their ownership.

Stay tuned to News 3 and for more on this developing story. 

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