Squirrel with soda can found on its head released safely after help from local wildlife center

A squirrel found with its head stuck in an aluminum Coke can on Aug. 8 was rescued after an unnamed finder brought the animal to the Dane County Humane Society's Wildlife Center, according to a Thursday Facebook post from the wildlife center.

After seeing the squirrel trapped in the soda can, the finder put down a pet carrier, which the squirrel entered.

"It was easy," the finder said, according to the post. "[The squirrel] couldn't really see where they were going. I set the carrier down in front of them, and they walked right in!"

The finder called the wildlife center, who asked the finder to bring the squirrel in right away. Using leather gloves, wildlife center employees removed the squirrel from the pet carrier.

The center said the opening of the can had been pushed in far enough that the squirrel's skull was able to fit inside. Employees were successful in removing the can.

"In as much as squirrels can make facial expressions, this one said, 'Jeez, it's bright! And who are these people?!'" the center said in the post.

The center kept the squirrel until its employees were able to confirm the animal had no injuries and was nutritionally sound. The squirrel was released from the center Aug. 12 with "minimal effects" from the soda can.

"This squirrel's story is a reminder to properly dispose of —or recycle— the food and drink containers we generate that have such wildlife-tempting tastes inside!" the post said.


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