Columbus residents evacuate following flooding of Crawfish River

Flooding in Columbus forces evacuations

COLUMBUS, Wis. - Residents along the Crawfish River in Columbus are evacuated their homes following flooding Friday afternoon. 

Officials closed the bridge at highway 16 and 60 due to the high water and shut off electricity elsewhere in the city. 

"It’s just trying to make sure we can maintain safety," said city administrator Patrick Vander Sanden. "We're doing our best to preserve property."

Vander Sanden says the decision to evacuate was done mostly out of precaution, when officials realized they would no longer be able to bring emergency vehicles through certain areas because of the high water. 

"It’s something a lot of our neighbors are dealing with right now," he said. "It’s dealing with the harsh effects of the weather, we try to be as prepared as we can."

For those who were evacuated, the moment felt a little surreal. 

"We had a knock on the door from a lady from the DPW and she had to make a decision right then if we were going to evacuate or not," said Mark Pyfferoen. "You always see the flooding and you don’t ever think if could happen to you."

Mark and his brother Paul were forced to evacuate from their second story apartment in Columbus. While their belongings aren't at risk of flooding, they would be landlocked at home had they stayed.

"It could have been a lot worse," said Paul Pyfferoen. "It could have been a hurricane, tornado, or a fire. I think we’re sort of fortunate in that sense."

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